Aakash Adesara

Hi! I'm an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and Cognitive Science. I am heavily involved in the entrepreneurship and technology scene in the valley and enjoy talking about AI, health tech, hackathons, books, art, and neuroscience.

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What I've done (so far):

Software Engineering Intern
Jan 2019 - May 2019

Incoming Software Engineering Intern on the Adaptive Pricing team at Lyft.

Software Engineering Intern
May 2018 - August 2018

Contributed to the Android application on the Waitlist+Reservations team that creates a seamless service to provide customers with a wait-free dining experience at partnering restaurants.

Memory Labs Inc.
Chief Executive Officer
January. 2017 - Present

Founded and lead Memory Labs, a company dedicated to creating an affordable solution for informal caregivers. Went through the Free Ventures program and Lightspeed Summer Fellowship.

UC Berkeley BID
ML / HCI Researcher
August 2017 - Present

Worked on NewsLens, an intuitive all-encompassing news interface, under the guidance of Marti Hearst PhD and Philippe Laban through BIDS. Specifically working with NLP and entity selection.

Cal Hacks
Executive Director
August 2016 - Present

Organized the worlds largest collegiate hackathon held annually at UC Berkeley -- raised $300,000 in sponsorship, 2200 attendees, and hosted event for 36 consecutive hours.

Lightspeed Venture Partners
Summer Fellow
May 2017 - Present

Learned about and applied entrepreneurial skills with close mentorship from Lightspeed partners while working on Memory Labs, a voice assistant for health care.

Chief Technical Officer
Apr. 2016 - Present

Developed and deployed MapSnaps, a mobile application for art exploration focused on expanding the presence of previously unappreciated local artwork.

August 2016 - Present

Helped run various events like HackJam, GameFest, and Berkeley Builds. Also designed and presented intermediate and advanced software development workshops.

Intrax Inc
Web Development Intern
Summer 2015, Summer 2016

Developed security protocols and Drupal module proof-of-concepts. Also learned about various aspects of machine learning and artificial intelligence in allocated research time.

Cupertino City Library TAB
Teen Advisory Board Member
June 2011, May 2017

Helped create this board and served as a board member for 6 years thereafter. Organized several large events and projects for teenagers (ex. CUHacks, Library Lock-In, Teen Garden Project).

August 2012 - May 2016

Created a curriculum to teach iOS, Android, and web development and created a club with around 300 registered members. Helped host hackathons and various events for members and the community.

Technical stack (will acquire skills, libraries, and languages as needed):


Technical (Web)


Node.js, ExpressJS, AngularJS

ExpressJS, AngularJS


Technical (Android)

Android SDK

OpenCV/Image Processing

JAVA Programming

Extreme Reality SDK


Google API's (Maps, Auth.)

MongoDB, SQL, Parse

LeapJS, MyoJS, JQuery



3D Printing / STL Software

Octave CLI

Python Scikit-Learn

Python OpenCV

Raspberry Pi Development

Design (UI/UX)

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Lightroom

Sketch / App Design


DSLR Photography

Microsoft Suite


Final Cut Pro / iMovie

Hobbies (Wow how exciting!):

Road Biking

I enjoy riding my Specialized Secteur Road Bike ("Amy") around the Bay with friends. I occasionally record memorable trips on my Strava profile and sometimes GoPro some of my trips.


I'm an avid photographer and enjoy shooting on my Nikon D3200 and Google Pixel. I typically take pictures of nature and city scapes but portrait shots are fun too! You can check out some of my pieces on my Instagram and online portfolio.


Taught myself how to play a harmonica ("Monica"), melodica ("Veronica"), and ukulele ("Luke") . I used to play on a garage band in high school and am involved with a jam squad in college.

Want to grab coffee or have a chat? Drop me a line at aakashadesara@berkeley.edu .